The Pomegranate Crown

by Turtle Turnip

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Wrung salt upon the tilled soil of the desolate song. Then dusk.
Now sun, tickling away at the slow day. Foliage continues to unfurl
roll down the canyon slope & grow – filtering through the loose light
into shadows that stitch the sleeves of landscape together.
The sun's constant battery & swollen clouds of mounting dew
who tell the stories of how the joy welled up, then cracked with doubt &
finally permeated into the cold upsidedown lovelessness of the sky
joining the unlimited blue space of the morning.


released January 3, 2013

Puneet Ghai: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Zak Abramson: Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Artwork
Nicholas Farrow: Backing Vocal, Bass
Marshall Hattersley: Backing vocal, Piano, Guitar, Production


all rights reserved



Turtle Turnip San Diego, California

My childhood was a heat haze of vision.

Sight connected with the idea of sun

light radiant grains of reflected colors and shapes that appeared more bright

(contrasts the photography that my family kept under glass displays.

A faded focus; cool, & simmered down as if left more calm) than I can figure now.
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Track Name: Sea Shells in an Open Field
I listened to the changing dialects of the sea
Whispering inside a shell
Will you devour me when my reclining bones
Disturb your ears & skull

How could I have kept you here
While the lupines blanket four
Four and a half miles
I already know what affections cannot be hoarded
But when I sleep alone
My knees grow cold
Track Name: Yet
I hope I'm as smart as I think I am
Through the conversations we breathe
There are treasures in the morning
That last all afternoon
I hope to God I can see straight

I could hold my breath forever
Breathing in old shadows
I might get it yet
I might just get it yet

It's the space between it that
Keeps me swallowing this halo
In hopes that my bursting veins
Will restore
I want to kiss you on the eyes as a reward
For having no use for me

I might get it yet
I might just get it right
I might get it yet
I might just get it yet
I hope I'm as smart as I think I am
Track Name: Garden Stomp
Ooze wait hover
Bumping meadow grass
A thousand upturned feet
Withdrawn daisies
Seed heavy

You are like nature
Uninspired and constantly
Nonetheless amazing
It's the ear's work
This one's misunderstood
While it's spoke

Yesterday I stepped on a snail
How do you stand unapologetic
With two feet on the ground
Trees nearby tumbled on their knees

You are like nature
Uninspired and constantly
Nonetheless amazing
How good it will feel
To forget this
when we're gone
Track Name: Rain Drops & Wet Feet
My faith in science boiled down to nothing
So I quit watching the history channel for good
I guess that has some meaning
Forgetting shoes into the freshness of dew

The fog is always prettier
On the other side

I distracted myself with the slight resistance
Empty sweet talk & fragile bullets
As if the clouds ran out of room in the sky
& felt the need to remind
The dirt of it's presence

The fog is always prettier
The slightest trace of darling phantom

Nothing could make love stay
Too afraid of getting it's feet wet
The rain picks up hollows out
The sky's fragile grey
The joy remains on the puddles
Heavy until they evaporate
Track Name: The Worst of Us Are Sunsets
Morning salt, the smell of the breeze
Through the screen & the body of someone new
But it's just air & nothing looks more empty than air

Nursing the famished affection
The fragilest pieces of us feel like bone

Rend the shelter in your ears
We are all self-combusting things

The bones of this window are showing again
Curtains held ribcaged by the wind

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